Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome label "2 little boys" to my 200th post!

I LOVE this new brand! So colourful and very fun. Perfect for bpab...
2 Little Boys are from the UK. The range is full of perfect boredom buster ideas and to spark the creative imagination of any child.
Above are the IOU Vouchers, which come in a clear plastic case and are perfect for giving out as rewards or spoiling children on special days. My girls can't read yet, so I've been letting them look through them and they pick based on picture (I can modify because they don't know what it says on the card... as long as it goes with the picture!). La chose that we ate ice cream in the afternoon - which was very yummy! Today Chai chose that we go visit the museum next week - we haven't been for ages so it will be a great adventure. There are 50 cards in the pack (including 4 custom ones for you to fill in) and are only $19.95.

Then there are the great blank paged notebooks, with glossy covers and spiral bound! I'm drawling...... I seem to do this with stationary of any kind! Anyway - there are notebooks just for BOYS and another just for GIRLS, but the ones I love are these above. The "I'm going to....." series will help hatch any plans and keep it all in one place. $19.95 each.

See the whole range of 2 Little Boys.

Now, the bit about my 200th post!
Sooooooo, to celebrate my milestone, I'm going to give away a "I'm going to..." notebook to someone who has a plan!
Leave me a comment telling me the plan you are thinking of hatching. It can be something totally silly, most serious or absolutely ingenious...... I'll award the most deserving plan the perfect notebook! Maybe your child has a plan he/she wants to tell us - include their name and age too please. Perhaps you need a plan to escape??
I'll pick the winner in 3 weeks, that's Friday 16th October 2009.
Now, get scheming!


Tam said...

I have a plan...and it comes to fruition tomorrow! My plan...TO GET CHOOKS (no don't laugh, I'm serious). I managed to get the kids (not hard) all excited about it, so the MR was 'ok' about the idea. Then ordered the chooks. I then managed to scavange most of the materials for the hen house/run and convince the MR to build the thing...he got into it acutally. and tomorrow we go pick up the girls. So the plan: Chooks for yummy cheap eggs that are environmentally friendly is almost complete!!

m.e (Cathie) said...

hmmm, may need to think about this

Megan said...

My plan is a bit of a long term plan that I have been thinking about for a while and I have just this weekend decided to do it and begun to hatch the details. I'm going to attempt to do 30 new things before I'm 30 (in 1 year and 11 months) and today I am beginning to build my list!

tealeclan said...

I plan to be very very naughty and blow the weekly budget and buy the shoes I have been drooling over when I go the shops with bub, and I will buy the $500 handbag that is made of oh, so soft leather and then there are the clothes, I will update my wardrobe, out with the old and in with the new, become totally stylish and be the the hottest mumma in my street.
Ahhhhh, there are dreams and there are plans but these will not come true so my plan when I come back to reality is to make sure everyday I give a kiss to my daughter and husband and tell them how much I love them and tell much I appreciate my husband for going to work and making sure we are all provided for.
Yes, that is my plan, it something that is very important and even if everything else goes wrong in my day it is the one thing I am super proud of, my family!

tealeclan said...



Monica @ bpab said...

Thanks to those above for entering.
This giveaway is now closed.