Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sigg bottles news (you know, the BPA thingy?)

I'm not always on the ball when it comes to the latest news. Most of you know about the SIGG bottles fiasco already. Those of you who do not, have a right as consumers to know.
I'm not good at all the words, so I've provided snippets and links for you to read instead.
I hope you get all the info you need to make your own informed decision about your old SIGG bottle.

CEO letter about Sigg bottle liners
"All SIGG bottles made since August 2008 contain our new BPA free EcoCare liner. SIGG bottles manufactured prior to August 2008 have the former water‐based epoxy liner which contains trace amounts of BPA. These bottles have been thoroughly tested and showed 0% leaching of BPA. It is easy to determine which liner you have, as they are of 2 distinctly different colors.
Visit to see photos comparing the two."

SIGG knowledge base (FAQ)
"Are older bottles containing BPA safe?
Yes. U.S. and worldwide regulatory bodies continue to deem the component safe and independent research has shown that these bottles do not leach. We stand behind the quality and safety of all our SIGG bottles including those with our former liner."

If you are at all concerned with the SIGG bottle you have, please refer to 'Which liner do I have?' to look at the different liners. The old ones have metallic look, while the new BPA free ones have a dull plastic look.

The reps. of SIGG in Australia are accepting old lined bottles and exchanging them with new eco lined bottles. This is a voluntary exchange and you will get a bottle in the same size and as best match as possible. (ie; boy bottle for boy bottle) If you love your bottle's design, then keep it - as you have no guarantee of the design you will get back in the new bottle. The old bottles are still safe, as outlined above.
If you have been misled in believing the SIGG bottle you have purchased, did not contain BPA, then here is the address to send your old bottle to: (Again, please check the inside of your bottle first. Don't go sending any new lined bottles to them.... you'll get it sent back... or maybe not, as they may see it as a sign of protest.... so then you'll end up with no bottle, won't you? That's not the aim here.)

SIC Swiss Import
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Werribee Vic 3030

I'm still happy to stock SIGG bottles at bpab.
Yeah, they made a foolish mistake with not being totally transparent about what the liner ingredients were.
They did state their bottles don't leach BPA, and that is true.
They now only make bottles with the new eco liner.
They do make an effort to support environmental causes.
Metal bottles will always be better than plastic.

We are not an environmental store, but do like to offer alternatives for the better when we can.
We have taken all old bottles off the (virtual) shelves and will be sending them back to our rep.

You can also read SIGG CEO Steve Wasik's 'I'm sorry' letter.

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