Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New LARK stuff! Drool worthy...

Loving quirkiness from LARK!
Here are some of my favourites:

Knitted pink spotty flower tea pot set.... sweet as! $69.95 for 5 pieces. Match with knitted doughnuts or cupcakes. (They all taste the same!)
Swap! pocket mirrors..... takes me back to swap card heaven! $4.95 each. I've put them in colour groups in the shop, as there are lots of different designs - you CAN choose your fav. too.
I heart badges..... cross stitch that looks funky enough to wear! (Only joking, I'm sure there's loads of great cross stitch numbers out there...) $2.00 each. Again, choose what speaks to you. Could give others a 'heads up' on what will make you happy!

A bit girlie so far..... so here's one for the boys!Vintage Raleigh Chopper bag.... Mr bpab's eyes lit up when he saw it! $79.95
It's got a key ring and badges attached - bonus! (and look it's got a rainbow on it!) Meant to be...

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