Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eye Spy.... my front door

Pretty exciting isn't it?
Am thinking it would look more interesting painted blue or with coloured glass.... but there's an even lovelier fly wire / metal door in front of it - so you won't see it properly anyway.
Plus we wouldn't want to steal the lime light from the yellow bricks now would we??

Formal guests and unwanted canvassers knock on this door, or ring on the bell. Some couriers like to ring twice on the door bell, which ALWAYS makes me want to answer it quicker! (like that's going to happen)
Lots of leaves and pink petals collect at the door way too.

Those who know us go around the back and say 'hello' at the door before they come in. Sometimes I get a fright, other times I yell, from the other end of the house, 'come in'.

Thanks to The Mrs. for choosing this week's theme. Her door looks much more inviting!
Drop on over to Bug and Pop's for a virtual cuppa and more Eye Spy sticky beaking.

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