Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome to new brand: Red Bunyip

Red Bunyip products are finally at bpab! I think they're the cutest Aussie animals range I've come across, ever....
Red Bunyip specialize in contemporary designs celebrating the colour and diversity of Australia’s natural wildlife and their products are designed to not only educate, but be fun, functional, and look great too!
We have 2 books in the range (shown above) for learning ABC's and 123's. $14.95 each
There are also book plates, folding puzzles, a family tree poster, light switch covers, a centipede centimetre ruler - which is my favourite, as it's flexible so you can measure around anything and tells you the names of heaps of colours that appear on his body. $6.95

Lots of other Australiana stuff to send overseas or why not word your kids up on how great the wildlife is in our own country!

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