Friday, October 30, 2009

Trip to Healesville Sanctuary

La turned 3 recently and on her birthday we traveled to Healesville to spend the day at the animal Sanctuary there. It had been a while since we were there last.... I think when Chai was a baby (so at least 3 years!). Anyway, the place was marvelous and we enjoyed walking the curvy walking tracks to see all the Australian animals. The girls knew a lot of them already, thanks to Red Bunyip's ABC and 123 books!
We loved this giant eagle at the front entrance and just had to give him a pat.
We are Friends of the Zoos, which gives me and the girls free entry into the Melbourne Zoo for a whole year, as well as free entry into Healesville Sanctuary too! Bonus!

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Jodie said...

Healesville Sanctuary is an amazing place for adults and kids. I did some voluntary work there in the horticultural dept and would always try to sneak away when the Birds of Prey shows were on.