Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pinky McKay - Toddlers Misbehaving teleseminar

Join Pinky McKay
for an important free teleseminar

on Thursday 22nd October, at 8 pm (Melbourne Australia time),

"Toddlers Misbehaving"

Confused About Discipline?

Tired of tantrums?

Worried about sleep, separation anxiety and surviving this exhilarating stage of development?

Or would you just like some more resources for your parenting toolbox?

If you have given your baby a gentle beginning, and now you are wondering, where to go from here?

Or, if you have more serious concerns about your toddler's behaviour, whether you have a wonderful one year old, a terrific two year old or a thrilling three year old, you will breathe a sigh of relief on this FREE teleseminar/webcast with Pinky McKay, author of the best selling book "Toddler Tactics".

We are big fans of Pinky's work and style. I have the pleasure to know her and highly recommend Pinky to all parents with children. She's a beautiful soul and very funny too!

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