Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Detox update #2: on the home straight!!

Well nearly.... have started week 4 (our final week) today.
Week 3 was a toughie because we were fasting. It was a liquid fast for 7 days.
Our daily menu went a little like this:
Upon waking: veggie juice
Mid morning: herbal tea
Lunch: veggie soup
Dinner: veggie juice and small salad
Before retiring: miso soup
We could have a small salad at dinner if we wanted to and a piece of fruit with morning juice.
It was really hard by day 5.... thinking of what we could chew on, looking at what others were eating!
I suggested to Mr bpab that perhaps we could shorten the fast a day, but he said no.
Then yesterday, Mr bpab was complaining about having to eat another miso soup etc..... he was really struggling too. I felt rather weak yesterday and just wanted to chill out watching movies. Instead I went food shopping for the next few days worth of food and then drove 40 minutes each way to see my very sick Vovo (grandma) with my sister. (It was her only day off....)
Also was very edgy during the week and the kids were tipping me over the edge.

I've come out to the other side and have lost 5kg in the process. We had a beautiful lunch today of brown rice, homemade tomato sauce, steamed tofu, carrot, corn on the cob and seaweed. I enjoyed cooking it all too! Lots of love went into our first meal!!

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