Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Next stop for Rainbow Comfort Packs is....

Yesterday 19 packs went to the Yarra Valley area.
There will be a community meeting tonight at Yarra Glen and these packs will be given out to kids and babies affected by the bush fires in the Yarra Valley, that are at the meeting.
We just packed for newborn through to 6 year old boys and girls for this delivery. The bag in the middle has balloons and packs of lollies (that were donated to us... probably by you!) to be handed out to kids on the night too.
I thought it would be better for those type of things to be shared generally and with adult supervision!

The Yarra Valley Girls Unite group are managing many projects for the Yarra Valley area and I'm delighted that we've formed a friendship with these lovely, caring gals who have taken it upon themselves to help their own community.

We will be sending more packs their way once we get ages and numbers of kids who did not receive a pack at the meeting. There will be on going contact with Yarra Valley Girls Unite, so more packs will get out to kids in their area.

I've been told that many families have not returned to the place they once called home and are scattered around the state. It has been hard locating many, so this is a very slow process.
There are some who keep quiet and don't ask for help, which is understandable. I feel this would be a very private thing and even though many want to help you, sometimes it's hard to accept charity.

If you belong to a group that has lots of contacts in your area and are able to locate those that need comfort in your community, please contact me.
So far I've been working through the councils, so this is the first time I'm working with a group that is actually part of the extended community. They are living amongst it all and are able to give these packs out to many people they know. (Just so you know, a council representative is also working with this group.... but it's mainly people power!)


An update on the state of things here at head quarters:
* We (meaning you) have made approx. 500 hand made bags!
* The floor space at the bpab 'mini shop' is full of boxes split into age groups, containing donations of handmade softies, clothing, stationary, toys and lots of things in between!
* Slowly making up packs as we need them and extras so we are ahead when we get a call out. I haven't organised a packing bee yet, as there is no way we could get more than 2 people into the area. I will be looking at storage options soon - for packs ready to go.
* We are only needing handmade softies and groovy bags for the 11+ age group at the moment.
Always look at the right hand side bar of this blog to keep up to date with what's needed and going on.
* Also just want to say how grateful I am for your ongoing support of this project, in believing that this could be achieved, in being so creative and charitable. You rock! Yeah you do.
* Lastly.... you may have noticed that through this project not many people have been named or publicly thanked. I've kept it this way, in an effort to preserve the community spirit which has evolved from everyone pitching in and genuinely wanting to help others less fortunate than themselves. Every pack that has gone out, is anonymous. Those who give them to each child are told it's a gift from the community at large. I act as the middle man and do not credit myself or bpab for anything, but delivering. Just thought you'd want to know that.... it's your project as much as it is mine. So feel good about what you have done and believe that there is a lot of good in the world!

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