Thursday, April 9, 2009

April Colouring Competition! Yippee!

Okay. Here's the dealio:
1. Choose any of the pictures below (or all of them) and click on the one you want. It should come up nice and big. Print it out onto paper.

2. Colour the picture any way you like, using anything (crayons, pencils, textas, glitter, coloured sands, torn paper....). Have fun with it!

3. You will need to scan it back into your computer and make it a file that you can then email to me and I'll upload it to the colouring comp. photo album on our Facebook page. Please include artist's name and age.
The winner will get a $30 gift voucher to spend at beyond pink and blue!
My 2 little girls will be the judges.....
*Closes 30th April 2009, drawn 1st May 2009.
*Winner's name will be posted here with their picture and be the title photo of our album on Facebook. I will email the winner with gift certificate.
*Open to children from 1 to 10 years of age.


Jodie said...

Thanks for this comp Monica, we are having a Good Friday sleep over. You have just given me an hours "Quiet Time" (hehehe!)

Melanie said...

What an awesome competition and great idea. Im going to give this for my son to do as a project tomorrow. Brilliant, you gave me something to occupy him with and he loves colouring competitions:) Thanks!

Lilia alexander said...

whats you email address to send coloring in to?

Monica @ bpab said...

Hi Lilia,
The email address is info[at]beyondpinkandblue[dot]com
(replace the at and dot with their symbols!)

Anonymous said...

is there a prize for every picture or just 1 over-all?

Monica @ bpab said...

1 winner will get a $30 shopping voucher at bpab.
Every picture will be up loaded onto the Facebook page for bpab and the winner will be the front cover picture of that album.

Anonymous said...

what is this store ?

is it in new zealand?