Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eye Spy... a new development

I have some shocking news to share!

I have officially started sewing again! It's been a few years and I have mended things and dabbled in an odd project here and there, but it's been so hard in the past to keep going. The girls are older now and I can concentrate on crafting in bigger blocks. When Chai was a bubba, she was on my knees while I was busy sewing Carmon & Chiley stuff, it was a juggle and that was what I did as a 'job'. Many of you reading this do it now.... it's amazing what we can do when we have to just do it.... as well as not give up doing something we love.
I got to the point of it being all too hard to juggle and my heart wasn't in the business any more. I think I needed a rest from constant sewing and selling at markets etc! So that was it! I stopped sewing and Carmon & Chiley was no more.
It was such a relief!

Years later.... we are here and I see so many of you sewing and crafting. I'm so inspired by everything I see going on around me. My creative juices are flowing again and I yern to sew and create!
I've been 'waiting' for the right time to set up my sewing area (thinking this is what I need to do to get sewing again... so I don't have to pack up all the time and keep things out of every ones way.). Well my mini-shop/warehouse/rainbow comfort packs storage area is full to the brim at the moment. My idea was to have the sewing area in there as well..... so I have been waiting for things to clear up in there and then I'd set up the sewing area.

Stuff it! We've worked out a little corner of the dining room for my 'temporary' sewing area. It's out of the way of everyone. Soooo, I started sewing yesterday and the above photo shows my first project!! Yay! I'm making the girls a chenille bunny each, from fabric I've had stashed away forever. We'll give them to the girls for Easter (cutting back on the whole chocolate thing a bit me thinks!).
Feels so good! Will post again when they are finished.
So that's a new development for me!! (Wow... I think I've just had some therapy there! Sorry for rambling on.)

Thanks to A Little Bird Told Me for this weeks great theme.
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Gina - Peke Moe said...

oh yay for having some 'time' (not!) to do some sewing.. your easter projects look awesome!!! you're inspiring me to do something too!!!! awesome!! :)

Christina Lowry said...

That's fantastic that you hAve had the break you needed and are coming to your sewing renewed and reenergised! I hope you enjoy yourself. The bunnies look awesome! Much better than chocolate! :)

amity ville boronia said...

The bunny is both strange and terrifying. !

Jenaveve said...

Yay to getting back into the sewing! And having that little space is better than no space at all - sometimes the more room I have, the more I procrastinate with moving things around. Being in the heart of the house is a way better option than being up one end of it.

Best wishes for all the new ideas!!

The Quilted Pomegranate said...

Let's hear it for back to sewing. We struggle to have the boys and the sewing space at the same time. It works long as we don't mind really having any kind of dining room!