Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eye Spy... a work in progress

If you've been following my blathering for a while, you may be familiar with this picture.
It's the very back corner of our large yard. The old guy who blessed our yard with amazing wonders when he called it his own, left us with these metal beds which we think he used to house all his orchids on. We have since grown a passion fruit vine on it and paved the area, hoping to turn it into an entertainment spot with the chiminea and cushions to laze around on the metal wire beds. It has never been the perfect spot for real entertaining and since the kids have come along, it's been used as a jungle gym and place for exploration..... which is all well and good, but i still yearn for that spot to entertain!

Hence this work is now definitely in progress! Yay!!
We've cut the vine back a bit (don't worry, it needed a good prune), taken off all the wire bedding and wire roof, raised one side of the roof area (as it's too short for me to stand straight under and will create a run off effect for when it rains... water should go onto the garden) and taken down the 'decrepit shack' that housed the wood pile.

The boys have been working on it for the past week and solidly this weekend (right now they are researching how best to put the roof on.....) We are planning seats and a table too. Making everything, recycling where we can and thinking beyond the square to solve those 'if only we had a million dollars' problems.
Will post once all is finished. Now to crack that whip! hehehe

Thanks to Hugo and Elsa for this weeks theme!
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Capital Mom said...

Beautiful! I am jealous of the greenry, but it will come to us soon!
Thanks for your posts on the pixies. I will have to watch out for them. :-)

Melanie said...

i am loving the work in progress posts. Especially the use of recycled/refashioned material gives it a more interesting take. have fun!