Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eye Spy... adventures

I'm going to choose my funnest (and often silly) adventure, dating back to 1998 (before digital cameras!), where my best friend and I packed her parents camper van up and traveled from Geelong (Vic) up the east coast for 3 months. We started late September..... had the time of our lives!
We had a business called B'zerk Objects! and were selling off our products at markets along the way for extra money. Photo above is us at Albert Park in Brisbane on market day for radio We had been up all night enjoying the night life of Fortitude Valley and met a guy from the radio station who told us about the market day on the next day and the next thing you know we had a stall set up!

This was our ever faithful van "Noggie" (number plates were NOG....), who, as you can see, had many uses! We're at Gympie market here. We did a stint of zucchini picking in Gympie and sorry to say will never return to that town again!

It was not all work... we did do stacks of exploring and seeing the touristy spots as well. (This shot is in Mount Warning N.P. and that's me) Some of our 'highlights' were:
* Me crashing the van at the start of the journey (we were fine, Noggie would have to be put down after our travels though...)
* Doing the 900 steps of the Giant Stairway in the Blue Mountains
* Discovering fave spots like Glebe, Byron Bay area (inc. Nimbin and Bangalow)
* Freebie nights (saying in the van somewhere public) and getting caught in the morning! (Noosa)
* Helpful neighbour thinking we found a snake in our van, when all it was just a spider, ready to get it out (Grafton Park)
* A tick in a neck.... freaky experience for those not use to ticks! (Thanks Tea Tree Plantation, Ballina)
* Playing pool (billiards) OUTSIDE at the pub! (Nth Straddie Island)
* Feeding dolphins (Tin Can Bay)
* Sawing coconuts in half and drinking cocktails on the beach, while sitting on a broken blow up bed (Inskip Point)
* Commando Kev (!) our tour 'guide' on Frazer Island (and the Island itself)
* Scuba diving lessons at Lake McKenzie
* Hot chips with chilli sour cream (Railway Hotel, Byron)
* Tasting different rums (Bunderburg).
I'm sure there was lots more, but these ones seem to stand out.

Ahhh, the days of freedom, where all you had to worry about was yourself! Anyway.....

Thanks to Weezie's Woolies for this theme, was a good one for flipping through photo albums!
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Cindy said...

i love the sound of this great adventure - you just have to put yourself out there don't you