Monday, November 16, 2009

Not just MOTHER's little helper

Brand new on our virtual shelves is Mother's Little Helper by New Zealand brand Nudey! Rudey!. We are loving this sweet tin of goodness - rubbing it on our dry elbows and knees, cracked hands, sore bottoms (not mine!) and using it as lip balm. The girls love putting it on their lips as they are into pretend make up and jump at the chance to use something real. (And I don't mind them using this balm either - so we are all happy!)
It's certified organic and has the healing properties of Manuka & Harekeke, both from New Zealand.
Now I knew about Manuka as we have been having teaspoons of Manuka honey all through Winter to ward off colds and sore throats. (The girls love it, so it's a great and easy natural medicine to dish out!) You can find it in the health section of supermarkets or your local health store.
I had never heard of Harekeke, so had to look it up on Wikipedia (hehehe) and found it's also a sweetener and has strong medicinal properties too. (There are various uses for it, so click on the link for more info!)

Anyway, Mother's Little Helper balm will be a great addition to your bag or bathroom, as the whole family can use it. PLUS when you purchase a tin, $2 will be donated to our fave charity Project18. Nudey! Rudey! and bpab will donate $1 each.
Another way to shop for yourself and support others at the same time!

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