Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rainbow Comfort Packs..... what to do?

Just a short note to let you all know that we are still handing out packs time to time.
I've stacked all the boxes of donated goodies up against one wall in my garage come shop come warehouse, so I can claim some floor space.... ahhh, cool concrete....
There are about 150 packs that can still be made up and given out to those in need.
I'm thinking that it would be glorious to give out packs as Christmas treats to the less fortunate.
I need to know what YOU, who have donated time and goods to this project, think would be the best thing to do with these remaining packs.
Do we keep it all for Fire victims.... find those in other states (than Vic) and send them there?
Or open the doors to other kids in need, in other circumstances, in the Melbourne area?
I'm really thinking of this Christmas now......

Please leave me a comment about your view on what to do with the remaining packs.
Please read the comments before yours and if you agree with an idea, please say so.
Thanks for your help. x


CurlyPops said...

I think it would be lovely if you could pass them on to less fortunate kiddies this Christmas. I'm sure that there are many families who will be struggling who will really appreciate it.

Jodie said...

With so many kids in unfortunate circumstances this Christmas I don't think it matters which cause ends up with the goods. We can always have another appeal if more packs are needed.