Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sydney to Melbourne ride for Macular Degeneration

Do you bike ride?
We sometimes go as a family for a ride along the tracks near our house. It's enjoyable, a bit of hard work at times (esp. for me as I don't do it much!) and we always have a child sitting in front of us to talk to (thanks to the Weeride).
We once rode from Balwyn North to Melbourne CDB along the tracks. It took about 4 hours and the thought of riding back home again almost bought 3 of us to tears. (So we took the train home and rode from the station.)
Mat rides all the time and wants to ride to Frankston along the Eastlink track soon. I won't be his companion! Lucky our brother-in-law wants to do it too...

Okay, now, who has ridden the stretch along the coast from Sydney to Melbourne (or the other way around)? It's over 1200 km long.
Well the two guys pictured above have departed today (at 7am from the Sydney Opera House) to do just that. So what you say? Well one of them is legally blind!

Matt Formston has 5% vision. At the age of 5 he was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration.
My awesome friend Scott Williamson is riding with Matt to act as his verbal guide to obstacles on the road that Matt may not see (pot holes, changes of road surface, up coming hills or sharp bends... that sort of thing).
The team aim to ride along the coast and end their amazing journey at Federation Square in Melbourne on 24th November.
They are raising funds for Macular Degeneration. Please consider giving a donation to this worthy cause, even if it's to just show these two guys your support.
Find out more about their journey (there's photos, a blog) or to learn about Macular Degeneration on the official site.
Become a fan on their Facebook page.

I know they can do it and wish them a safe and beautiful journey.

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