Saturday, November 7, 2009

Theme Shopping: Fruit

1. Cherry denim swap pocket mirror by Lark $4.95 (lots of other designs too)
2. Felt Apple Pear Orange by Papoose $13.95 for the set
3. Knitted Watermelon Rattle by Lark $14.95
4. Fruity Orange Easy Wash Paint by Micador $6.95 (there are 5 other colours too)
5. Pink Apple Hoodie by Monstar Kids $38.00 (comes in grey with yellow apple too)
6. Alfred Berry Card by Poppies For Grace $6.50
7. Knitted Strawberry Rattle by Lark $14.95
8. Knitted Blue Cherry Cupcake Rattle by Lark $14.95 (comes in pink too)
9. Knitted Strawberry Ice Cream Rattle by Lark $14.95 (there are 3 other flavours too)
10. Green Cherry Tee by Monstar Kids $29.00 (comes in red tee with white cherries too)


Theron Hesper said...

Nice to see your good blog.

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Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Love the knitted ice cream. Miss 20 months loves playing ice cream shop at the moment!