Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eye Spy... something I made for a little person

Mr bpab and I had a 'Cowboy and Indians' birthday party last year and everyone had a blast dressing up as either.
I made our costumes (as always...) and La was transformed into a little Indian girl and Chai became a Cowgirl for the day.

It's fun making dress ups for the little people in my life! And they will wear them over and over, mix and match with regular clothing..... good value.
The girls keep making suggestions of what costumes they'd like next, especially from Chai.... there's a kangaroo (or tail more likely) and ballerina dress that are on top of the list. Now to actually put some time aside to do them!

Thanks to Sweet Emmelie for this weeks Eye Spy theme.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alternative dressing with Red Chalk & giveaway!

We got the last of the Winter Red Chalk range this week. Chai thought she'd model us the alternative way to wear the leggings (as hair) and the fish bone skirt (as a boob tube top.... she later fashioned it into a one sleeve top - which is rather hip right now!).
Tracky pants are available too in red and charcoal grey..... which brings me to our give away:

Win your choice of 1x Red Chalk item!
1. What items would you put together to make a complete Red Chalk outfit?
Check out the whole range here and leave me your answer in the comments area of this post.
Blog, tweet, etc. for extra entries into the random draw (leave links so I can track your handy work).
Drawn Friday 17th July.... in some bazaar way I'm sure....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sigg bottle design competition

Sigg are calling for entries into their Bottle Design Competition 2009!
Gain world wide exposure and get your design on one of the most environmentally conscious products on the planet - the SIGG water bottle.
Using a SIGG reusable bottle is a smart and simple way to reduce unnecessary waste and to take better care of our planet. So it's not surprising the theme for this years design competition is CELEBRATE NATURE.
The top 3 designs will be launched in the official SIGG collection and share $4,000(USD) in prize money.

Go here to find out how to get your winning design on a SIGG bottle!

I think I'll even have a crack of this!! Good luck.
(bpab is proud to stock SIGG bottles... and we use them everyday too.)

Thank you from Whittlesea (Rainbow Comfort Packs)

Although this certificate has my name on it, I'd like to pass it on to you for your effort with the Rainbow Comfort Packs and the kindness you show to those who are in need.
I've also included the letter from the Mayor for you to read. Feel free to photoshop your name on it and print it out too!

We've begun working with the City of Bendigo and starting to distribute to those effected in that area. There are about 50 families registered there.

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's time for a SALE!

Lots of good discounts through the whole bpab store, just for you!
I don't feel like doing much stock taking this year..... so please buy up.... that's the best thing you could do! We have $5.00 regular postage with in Australia too.
On until 1st July 2009 (or until stock runs out! hahahaha)

Eye Spy... something in bloom / scars

We have this amazingly big and beautiful peach rose bush out the front that blooms such humongous roses a few times a year. They are in bloom right now! I was able to cut 4 of them and put them inside to enjoy, but sadly, they didn't last too long.
Lots of little white roses bloom all the time outside the front too and the girls like to 'snow' them... this means pulling them off the bush and breaking them apart and then throwing the petals up in the air (hence snowing). It's all in good fun, but I'm afraid I've created a monster and now no flower is safe! (Esp. roses...)

Now about scars...... I have a few - no pictures though okay?
1. On my right hand pointer finger near the nail... I sliced it doing Stanley knife workings. That one bled for ages and I sat in emergency with several period pads wrapped around it until they could see me. (That was the best they could do for 4 hours) I always check first before slicing now days.
2. On my left elbow... fell off the top bunk while jumping on the bed and banged into the wardrobe. I chipped a bone, nothing serious. That was when I was little. I think everyone has jumped and fallen! These days, we have our beds on the ground so the girls don't have far to fall...(not the main reason we sleep on the floor though).
3. A small bump on the right side of my forehead that only I know is there (not really noticeable)... every time I rub it, I remember how cruel kids can be. I was in high school (lower years) and ended up in the line of fire of a mud fight and go hit by a rock. I remember feeling something wet on my face and then holding my head and blood was everywhere. Got fixed up at 'sick bay' and had a bandage on my head for a few days. That wasn't the bad part! I earned the name 'rock head' because of it.... yeah, I got teased because I got hit. Ahhh, school days! Don't you love 'em!

So there you go. You'll be able to identify my body now! Lets hope that never happens....
Thanks to Fuzzy Dragons for this week's double theme.
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Welcome to new brand: EJ Kids

Some great ideas have come out of EJ Kids and we're now selling them at bpab!
All products are made by hand in Melbourne, Vic. by a lovely mum (of course!).

Truck singlets have a felt tip truck appliqued on them. Also available in Star applique.

Shiny body suits available in silver blue or silver pink.... perfect for dress ups and special occasions.

Terry towelling cover alls are fantastic to put on before and after getting wet. (Like at the beach, swimming lessons at the pool, after bath time) Available in pink, white and aqua blue.

Lastly, the 3 in 1 bag where you lay it flat and it becomes a change / play mat or a towel for baby and when you're ready to go - pop everything in the middle and draw in the straps to make a bag. Clever thinking!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kids Style File survey... tell them what you want!

Click on the banner above to take the Kids Style File readers survey, for your chance to win some very cool prizes! On for the month of June. Remember to mention your fav. store when they ask you! (hint, hint!! hehehe)

For every survey completed, they'll donate 50 cents to Make A Wish Australia! (Another great reason to do it!)

A customer return or a present?

Yesterday afternoon I was opening the mail.
I'm the kinda gal who "opens as she goes" as far as mail is concerned, So I don't look through the envelopes and packages first to see who they are to - I look at the top letter / package and see who it's addressed to, if it's to me, I open it..... (Just thought you wanted to know about my strange habits!)
Anyway, yesterday there was a brown envelope package amongst the letters etc that made a strange jingly noise every time it was moved. Mmmmmmm....
So I thought it needed my attention. I thought it may be a customer returning something broken (that's how negative I've been lately!) and thought I better address it right now.
So I opened it up and low and behold it was a present!!!!
My Pay It Forward from the lovely Jemma was sitting on my lap, a total surprise, a very nice one too! Here it is:

Some funky fabric, buttons and a beautiful pin cushion. All very inspiring and will add to my growing sewing stuff. Mmmm, what to make?

Thanks Jemma for my nice surprise! Trying to think more positively now!!

I haven't forgotten my 3 Pay It Forward darlings..... one day soon you will get what may sound like something broken!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Red Chalk clothing deal over at Style Collective

Rabbit crew top in blue $44.00

Fish bone skirt in red $36.00

Elephant crew top in brown $44.00

More Red Chalk has landed in store. Chocolate brown and Ocean blue have been added to the mix. There have been mainly tops so far in the range, but we're getting bottoms now too.... like the funky Fish Bone skirt. Too cool for sweet little princess I'm afraid! (Having said that, miss 4 is very princess diva-like and absolutely adores this range. Go figure!)
Visit Style Collective to see what special deal we have going on for their readers for the month of June. (I'd hate for you to miss out!) While you're there, have a read of some of the other stuff (not just for kids).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Help! We've been attacked by Monstars!

Owl top (little sizes) $30.00

Sneaker top (bigger sizes) $32.00

Robot hoodie (all sizes!) $38.00

Well not really 'attacked' in the usual scary's that I just noticed bpab now has over 50 different items of Monstar Kids clothing in our collection! All types of stuff and many mix and match really well. More boyish stuff has landed (we're just waiting on some dacks I think) and they look pretty cool. Check out the whole wardrobe full of Monstar Kids threads and while you're there.......


Buy 3 Monstar Kids items and at checkout type "MONSTAR KIDS ARE COOL KIDS" in the comments box (where you type gift wrap instructions) and I will refund your money for the cheapest item! That's 3 items for the price of 2! (If you're paying cash, cheque or direct deposit, just subtract the cheapest item from your total.)
Offer ends in 2 weeks, that's Monday 15th June 2009.