Friday, October 3, 2008

Now offering LAYBY baby!

...well, we aren't really offering to layby a baby for you.... you kind of do that yourself (in the mummy's tummy), it's a good one, lasts for about 9 months.

At bpab, we have added the Layby option at checkout, in time for Christmas!
We will wrap, label and keep all your goodies until you want them sent (close to Christmas), so you don't need to do anything with them (like hide them!) and get on with all the other stuff you need to do.... or just sit back and relax.

"Lay-by is a good alternative to using credit.
There are no interest payments, the service is free and your goods are reserved while you pay them off."

We've listed a step-by-step how to and terms on the info page at the web-shop.
Here are the Terms:

* No minimum purchase

* deposit of 20% required to secure products for Layby
- payment choices: direct deposit into our bank account or Paypal invoice emailed to you

* regular payments made weekly or fortnightly
- after deposit has been made, you will be emailed according to your payment plan, when payments are due

* Layby life of 3 months
- if you have been making regular payments, we can look at extending it.

* you will loose your deposit (20%) if you cancel your Layby, same applies if you don't make payments after we have contacted you and have had no reply (yes, we will telephone you too!) . We will give you 14 days.

* there are no Layby fees (yay!!)

So there you have it.
Any questions, etc. let me know. Otherwise, get to it!

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