Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to new brand: Kanoe

I wish I had known about this fantastic hammock when my last child was young enough to use it!! She sleeps on people, not in bed.... needs the constant contact and movement that people provide. Ahhh well! I think this will be a life saver for many out there that need some time out.

The Kanoe motion sensitive baby hammock is made from 100% certified organic cotton canvas (double thickness), which will cradle your baby like you do. It is suspended from the ceiling and has a spring which allows gentle movement in any direction, when baby stirs, thus rocking baby back to sleep or you can gently soothe your child by rocking it.

Comes in 4 colour ways and is a fair trade product!
I think an investment worth considering if you are looking for the alternative to cots.
Great for little ones up to 2 years old.

Have also got some FAQ for you to read. (just click on the pages for a larger version.)