Friday, October 3, 2008

October newsletter

G'day mates!
Welcome to bpab's spring looking newsletter.... (click on the picture to get a bigger view)

Every issue is emailed out to many people and not everyone can or wants to, see the pictures etc........ so here are the links and general info for what's featured in the newsletter this month:

Free Stuff Day - we've joined this great on-line community which is offering free products to everyone, everyday! (and they're real, proper things you'd want to normally buy, not samples etc.) I've blogged about it, so read that to find out more. Free to join.

Spring Cleaning SALE now on! (bits and pieces, last one left, Winter stuff)
We're preparing to move into our 'mini-shop' (Nov)!

Layby now for Christmas! (or for whenever really..... we're offering it from now on at checkout as another payment method.) Look at the INFO page at the shop for a how-to guide and terms.

New Brands:
Nature's Child (Byron Bay, NSW)- certified organic stuff for mums (breast pads) and bubs (hooded towel, muslin wrap).
Read more about this on the blog.
A Good Sort (Melbourne, Vic)- the brains behind the My Org. family organiser..... a must for every family!
Read more about this on the blog. (each blog link is different, in case you are wondering!)

New Products:
Monstar Kids Spring 08 is in! Lots of red, navy, cloud blue, mocha brown and pink... plus robots, owls, peacocks, zig zags and stripes. (More summer stuff coming in from now on.)
Under The Nile organic frog wash cloth. Play puppets in the bath!
Poppies For Grace has lots of new invitations, treat bags, writing sets and book plates to melt your heart! I've blogged about some of the new products here.

Enjoy the rest of your October and remember about Daylight Savings!

Changes to Legislation for DAY LIGHT SAVINGS
Now starts for: NSW, VIC, ACT, SA, TAS SUNDAY 5 October 2am - clocks forward 1 hour.
WA starts last Sunday in Oct.

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Jodie said...

Hi Monica, your new newsletter format is fantastic. I am sooooo jealous.