Thursday, October 16, 2008

Welcome to new brand: Ellaroo

I've done it! I have finally decided to stock slings and more baby carriers.......

Ellaroo has the most lovely designs and every sling is made from 100% certified organic cotton, dyed using non-toxic eco dyes, the padding in the Mai Tai is allergy-free fibre made from recycled PET and they're made in fair trade conditions, in India!

So my decision to stock them was rather easy!

Mei Tai Deluxe Sling
Can be worn on the front or back!
Reversible for plain colour and available in 6 different designs.

Ring Sling (in appliqued Malay)
Choices of plain colours, patterned, embroidered or appliqued designs.
Great for breast feeding and sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. How big a child can I carry in an Ellaroo baby carrier?
A. The weight limit has been suggested at 16kg, but you can carrier heavier children for shorter amounts of time. These carriers have been tested to 46kg with no signs of stress.

Q. What size carrier should I order?
A. The Mei Tai comes in one size and fit up to a 48" (122cm) waist size. The Ring Sling standard is a medium, which suits most people. Very petite people (less than 5'2" (158cm) and 46kg) may use a small. Larger parents (e.g. size 20 and above) may use a large. We can special order the small and large sizes for you.

Q. What kind of carrier is easiest for nursing?
A. The Ring Sling is easiest, as it allows the baby to be held in virtually any position and provides excellent coverage. The Mei Tai can work well or an older child with good head control, but doesn't provide as much coverage. Large-breasted women usually find the Ring Sling easier for feeding because it is generally quicker to get the baby in a low, reclined position.

Q. What kind of carrier is most versatile in terms of age of baby and carrying positions?
A. All Ellaroo carriers are suitable for babies from infancy to toddler hood. Ring Slings are more versatile in regards to carrying positions, as they allow the wearer to carry the baby on the front, hip or ever the back. The baby can recline, semi-recline or be completely upright, facing sideways, in towards the wearer or looking outwards. The Mei Tai is used for carrying the baby upright facing towards the wearer on the front or back and even on the hip.

Q. Can I wash my sling?
A. Yes. We suggest washing all Ellaroo baby carriers in cold water by hand or in the gentle cycle of the washing machine and hanging out to dry.

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