Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome to new brand: Papoose

I'm very excited about this range of FELT stuff! I mean who doesn't like felt right??
Colours of Australia actually design and make the products under the Papoose label. They use Fair Trade practices to give work and proper income to people over in Nepal.

Here are just a few Papoose items that have landed at bpab, with many more to come over the next year! (I'm in a purple mood today..........)
Purple happy flags bunting $36
3mt long, 3 other colour ways available.

Sweet hearts chain $23
40cm long, also flowers and birds available

Purple babushka dolls (set of 5) $64
3 other colour ways available...... too beautiful!

"Colours of Australia is proud to be involved with ethically made products that bring joy to those who own them. These are not throw-aways, but become family favourites. They are well made and will last for many years. We only use pure wool and pure cotton,
we recycle resources where possible and aim to have everyone involved benefit. Small companies can play a positive role in the cycle of makers, sellers and buyers and contribute to the well being of others and feel good." - Renske Carbone, designer of Papoose

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