Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is..... what I'm surprised I like!

Well I was walking around the house this morning thinking what am I surprised I actually do like! What a weird thing to be meditating about on a Sunday morning!!
A few things came to mind immediately......
pumpkin! - I loathed it when I was younger and was made to eat at least one piece if it was on the menu - but now..... being vegetarian, I love it!
pink - never was a fan of this colour, but having little girls around has made it easy to embrace what pink represents and how being really girlie sometimes is fun!
early mornings - I've always been one who LOVES a sleep in. Since having kids, it's rather rare to get a sleep in (no matter what time you went to bed the night before!), and so instead of fighting it I now relish the mornings I get to sneak out of bed without waking the kids and enjoy the peace of just being me and doing odd tasks without being interrupted! Of course this could also be because I'm getting older and I've noticed that's what older people do...........
wood bugs (Slaters, butchy boys) - this is a weird one. I grew up detesting these little creatures that roll up in a ball when they get scared, as they were everywhere and like all insects and pests, seemed rather ugly when I was a young teenage girl. BUT lately they have re-surfaced at our place, in the back yard on the concrete and I have been teaching the girls to embrace all creatures (even the annoying or scary ones) and to observe them doing what they do and to leave them be (rather than killing them or crying for fear of being eaten by them!). So we have been looking at the wood bugs and some times try to get them to roll in a ball..... one of the girls calls them her friends. Yay!
Last one.....
berries! Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries..... never liked them very much at all. Especially hated the artificial strawberry milkshakes or ice cream. Yuck!!!! Until about 2 1/2 years ago.....
when I was pregnant with my last bub - I developed a taste for the berries and now love them!
(Still hate the artificial stuff.....) I like them fresh, will eat them just like that. I like them in cakes and desserts, in smoothies...... I find it rather odd really, that pregnancy can change your taste buds (maybe not that odd seeings it changes so much of you anyway!).

So to pay homage to something I was surprised I liked - here is a fantastic recipe that I tried the other day (with amazing results, as I've never tried making a pav. before in my life!)
Oh, and I added sliced strawberries on top as well...... enjoy!

Recipe taken from "Vegetarian Supercook" by the amazing Rose Elliot. (Truly a must have cook book for anyone who wants to experience food!)

'This is' theme from earl and cookie, nice one!
Three buttons will tell you all you need to know about playing 'this is'.

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Carley said...

Pumpkin Soup in winter... Delicious Berry Salad in Summer... My mouth is watering after reading your post!!