Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eye Spy.... my secret (food) shame!

Just Needs Salt picked this weeks this is and I've found it hard to think of what my true food 'shame' would be. But all things chocolate seem to make me perfectly happy, although it has to be good quality stuff these days..... well, the occasional Cadbury choc frog does get scoffed (especially when the kids are around...the scoff bit).
I'm not really ashamed of any of my food delights, but I'm sure after writing this I may well think of something and if I do.... I'll have to keep it to myself!! hahaha
Fast food chains do not get a second thought anymore and I've converted everyone around me, so eating daily desserts and treats are perfectly fine too!

So I'll leave you with my all time favourite indulgence, iced chocolates (esp. from those divine chocolate 'cafes', there's a plethora of them around Melbs these days):

This shot was taken after we went to the Royal Women's hospital for yet another check up, just before La was born. (That's my tummy.... and my finished glass of decadence)


handmaiden said...

Monica, i am glad u said that u were pregnant in that shot otherwise i may have thought u had one too many iced coffees!!

Monica @ bpab said...

Yeah, someone made a joke once when they saw the shot saying it looked like a big boob! Scary....

amity ville boronia said...

I love that the glass that your iced chocolate came in looks pregnant too!!