Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rainbow comfort packs for bush fire kids update

Firstly - thanks so much to everyone who has linked with us, are now busy crafting or collecting and those who are just spreading the word!

Okay, am still waiting on some info to come through but - if you are making bags, a library bag is roughly A4 size. So use your imagination and go with that. We have Nikki from You SEW Girl blog fame who is a bag expert and will help you out if you need any advice!! Hehehe, thanks Nikki!

We have suppliers sending things right now:
Little Extensions - extensions that 'extend' the life of onesies, which will be paired with onesies in bags.
Lark - knitted rattles and colouring books
Eleganter - stickers, lock up diaries, hair ties
Poss Bloss - library bags
Yunginz - shoe vouchers that can be cashed in for a brand new pair of their shoes
Little Soursob - hand made softies, bib packs
Monstar Kids - t-shirts

Next - we want to organise some drop off points around Melbourne, so we (maybe the royal one) can drive around and pick up all donations at some point.....
So anyone willing to have beautiful strangers knock on their door to leave goodies, has a big enough post box, is at home during the day, maybe owns a shop? and has room to store stuff for up to a week.
Please let me know and we'll spread the love around.... postage is expensive I know.

Also want to set up drop points around the state of Victoria close to the Emergency centers.
Here is the list of centers by Shire:
Baw Baw
Bendigo (City of Greater)
Horsham (City of)
Corangamite (Camperdown fires)
Latrobe City
Mitchell Shire
South Gippsland
Southern Grampians (Coleraine fires)
Nillumbik (we are near this one)
Yarra Rangers
Wellington Shire

Do you live in any of these Shires? Will you be happy to be a drop point for finished bags to be collected and/or be a drop point for those in your area to give donations to you? We will all work together and some how get every bag assembled and filled with appropriate things. So bags can be put together around each Shire area too.

Are you up to speed on what is needed for Flood kiddies?
We can do packs for them too. Actually if you are interested, let me know and we'll try set something up your way too. (Saves on postage!)

I think that's it for now.
Think of anything else? Let me know.
What a wonderful community we live in......


Juddie said...

Hi Monica,
I live in Brunswick and am happy to offer my address as a drop-off location. I'm at home for much of the week, and can advise of my available times if people would like to swing by.
Thank you for organising these,

Nikki said...

I'm having a sewing bee on Saturday at my studio - loads of room, tables and equipment.... all welcome. I have a few bag-making ideas that even beginners can do.

Just let me know if you're coming so I can give you the details and make sure we have a table for you.

I had one of the kinder Mums generously hand me a bunch of colouring books and activity packs this afternoon (I'd left a notice near the sign-in book). A lot of colouring books are slightly larger than A4, so I'd say size A4 as a minimum bag size.

MelZ said...

Just wondering how many packs you are wanting to make up roughly?

I have been collecting packs of pencils, crayons and have a couple of colouring books (didnt get many colouring books because I see others are donating those too)

Do I send them to the address you posted?

How long are you going to be collecting for these?

This is a wonderful idea.

sophie said...

I am in the process of making some sofites which I will post off very soon. I also noticed today that my local newsagency has some really lovely children's book on sale - would these help?

Penni said...

Hi, I'm a young adult author in St Andrews - are you going to do packs for teenagers too? I would love to help out with this, I know I'd be able to get my hands on books for teenagers. You can email me on penni.russon@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I've got a few things about the house - colour pencils, paints, old childrens books (not that old), newish cuddly toys, pencil cases etc. I'd love to donate but not sure where to send them. I probably have a few spare coles green bags & suchlike that I can add. So happy to post off a bundle to either Qld or Victoria but in need of an address.

Monica @ bpab said...

Anonymous - please send to
70 Clifton Street,
Balwyn North
Vic. 3104

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica,

I have been making some library bags and softies which I am going to mail to Jodie at Poss Bloss.

Just wondering if you need any help putting the packs together. Contact me at salcuri3@bigpond.net.au if you need any help.

Rhoda said...

ive got some soft toys/teddies which i can part with. some new, others in really good condition but most wont fit in A4 size bag though. also have books at mums which we were planning to give away too. might not be able to do much till last week of feb cos ive got exams atm, would that be too late? otherwise i can tell my brother to sift thru the things...

btw dropping off in balwyn is no prob for us

Anonymous said...

I have just packed up a heap of toys, books and some clothes (all brand new) and will post them down to you tomorrow.

Maithili said...

I'm in Queensland and would be interested in donating some toys etc. to either the bush fire or the flood kiddies. I'll keep checking for info on where to send/drop off stuff.

Anonymous said...

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