Friday, February 13, 2009

Monster Tee winner!!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a question:
When shopping on the net for clothing, do you prefer to see the clothing on a body or laid out flat on the floor?
Well the comments I got back were almost half and half!
But, laid out on the floor was the favourite (just!).
Here are some reasons, taken from comments left:

*you get a better close up of the garment
*Kids are all different sizes so its hard to compare
*Cute kids are too distracting
*gives a good flat image
*is great for close-ups of detail
*a large image
*it's useful to be able to see the full garment as well in many cases

*you can see the fit and length
*gives an idea of fit and the way the fabric hangs
*a smaller image
*sometimes things look very different on the body than they do on the hanger
*has so much more life and warmth, it's much more appealing to me

So it looks like I'll be doing a bit of both from now on......
Thank you for all that answered. I promised a free Monstar Kids tee to one lucky commenter, so here we go:
La drawing the name out of the bowl:

The winner is:

And because I'm feeling generous, here's another:

Skout and Scotty, can you please visit the bpab shop to choose your Monstar tee (short or long sleeve), including size and email me your postal address.
Congratulations and thanks again for all opinions!


Skout said...

That is soooo cool! we give away tonnes of stuff on Skout - so its realllll nice to be win something !!! thanks xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Awesome Tee, my son is going to look very cool. Thanks heaps!