Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trying to get groups together now!

As offers and more support flood in, I am getting a bit more organised and ideas are getting circulated......

As you know the main drop off point is my place in Balwyn North (70 Clifton Street).
Anyone who can is welcome to drop by and drop things off to me.... someone is home most of the time. Front door area is safe to leave items. Please bag, box etc deliveries so they are not showing what is inside.

We have established a few more drop points, if you live closer to these areas, use them instead (unless you would like to drop directly to me):
Brunswick - Nikki (visit her blog and email her)
Eltham - Kim (ph: 0439 484 036 to arrange drop off)
Spotswood & Brooklyn - Monika from Creative Bliss (can you please email me your details so I can post them here ...thank you!!!!)
Caulfield South - Cintia at My Poppet (mark: for Rainbow Comfort Packs) drop off at shop.
Brighton - Gabrielle (ph. 9592 1995 or 0409 483 485 email: gmmwells[at]yahoo[dot]com)

Anyone else?
Please let me know and I'll add to the list asap.

Also working on some Couriers at the moment and hopefully if they come to the party, we can organise drop areas in other states. So for those of you who are interstate and not sure about postage costs........ please wait and we will do our best.

If you are organising craft get-togethers, collections etc, please work together and bundle up what you want to donate. If you are in Melbourne, please email me and let me know you have a collection of stuff to be picked up or you can drop off at one of the above points. Other areas, if you can't afford to post, are you able to be a drop point? Or we can work the courier / pick up thing.... once it is organised.

Does any one know/ work with any courier companies? See what you can do to assist with the delivery of donations.
I know there are a lot of fabulous things going on to help those in need and many organisations are helping already. So we can't expect everyone to help this cause, but if you are willing to be open to possibilities - anything can happen!

Also remember to do some physical activity in between crafting and blogging! (I just went for a bike ride........)


Nikki said...

My sewing bee in Saturday is coming together nicely. I have LOADS Of space, LOADS Of fabric and access to lots of tables, so can accommodate as many as can come. We are going to make LOADS of bags!!! We've also had some very kind donations from people.

Just like Martha said...

Hi Monica,
keep up the great work you are doing an amazing job (remember to breathe) have just posted your details on my blog and look forward to updated details of how us NSW-eans can help out xxx

Jodie said...

Have sewn a few bags for you, will post them off early next week.