Saturday, December 5, 2009

Countdown to Christmas.... 19 more sleeps!

At this time of year, many people are compelled to get it touch with those they know and love... usually by the 'Christmas card'.
It's funny how we get organised enough to write to 50 people all at the same time, but don't have time during the rest of the year to write 1 letter to these same people.
Better make it special then... and mean what you write!

Here are some ideas for you, about what type of greeting to send:

* Got a favourite photo to share? Make it into a postcard. (K-mart, Officeworks, Harvey Norman are a few places that let you do it yourself.)

* Send 100% recycled paper or tree-free cards made by environmental organizations or ones that give twice (like to charity organisations).

* Glue pictures from old cards or wrapping paper onto homemade or store-bought recycled paper to create new cards.

* Glue pretty paper on the inside of old cards to cover previous writing...and send them again.

* Make a greeting card from scrap paper, fabric or wallpaper.

* For short messages use a large leaf or flat stone. (use nature!)

* Send an E-card!
E-mail your friends a festive message with a Christmas picture instead of sending a card, it saves time, money and paper.

* Set up a space for the kids to make or decorate Christmas cards to give their friends.
All you need is cardboard, a few stickers, glitter glue, crayons or pens.

We started this tradition last year. We had a family photo done earlier in the year and I just made that the top of the letter and wrote about what we'd all been up to during the past year.
It was well received. Lots of people who we don't see often loved reading about our adventures and got to catch up with us without actually seeing us.
Plus there was no rush to get all the cards out by Christmas either! Bonus.

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