Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rainbow Comfort Packs have gone out to kids this Christmas

Lots of shots of packs, chaos of packing, Lama doing quality control, art packs, presents ready to go!

After 3 days of working solidly (with some help) late last week, a courier came by yesterday and picked up about 20 boxes of packs and wrapped presents to take to K Mart head office in Vic. so they can be distributed to children in need this Christmas, via the Wishing Tree!
It was the best plan ever, I mean could you imagine 160 packs and 55 wrapped presents being stuffed under the Wishing Tree in Victoria Gardens, Richmond??
I ran out of fabric bags near the end and decided to wrap some up instead. Basically all that was left were TONNES of colouring books, pencil cases, pencils, textas and crayons..... so we wrapped them up as mini art packs.
That's ALL the donations now gone. It's a brilliant way to finish this chapter of this project and hope lots of kids (of all ages) will love getting something special from all of you.
I won't be 'closing' the project up for ever, but will take a break for now and when it does get going again, it will be better organised and the focus will be on kids that need some comfort in general. (And we'll definitely look into warehouse space too!)

Thanks for your help and support this year! It was a full on year for many people everywhere.
It was awesome to be able to offer help in our unique way, I hope you feel the same.
Have a lovely, relaxed Christmas and New Year. Be safe too.
Monica x

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