Saturday, December 12, 2009

Countdown to Christmas.... 10 more sleeps!

Are you familiar with or remember making a book of Vouchers at school?
You know the kind... 'I will clean my room', 'good for 1 hug', 'breakfast in bed'.....
Well, what's stopping you from giving some now as gifts?

Offer your skills / talents... what are you great at that you can offer as a service?
Think: around the home, garden, looking after kids, cooking a meal, taking them out for an activity.
Just think of something/s that are appropriate for that person and give a voucher stating what you are willing to do for them!
Or if you are really game: leave the voucher blank for them to fill out and give back to you when they're ready to redeem it!

If you can't bring yourself to commit to anything, buying vouchers for services like massages and gifts like movie, concert or sports tickets, have a low eco-impact.... as they are gifts that will be used and the only thing they need to find a place for is the memories of the great experience they had.

I've included some DIY Vouchers below, for you to print out. Cut and copy them (or drag the image and drop it onto your desk top... boy I love Macs!). * Use pretty paper to print onto and then back them onto a matching cardboard * Print them onto plain cardboard, then decorate them with stickers etc.

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