Saturday, December 19, 2009

C2C - 1 more sleep to go! Eeek!

Okay! If you are one of the minority who has nothing left to do tonight.....

Spend it with the family or loved ones, be it partner, children, parents, siblings or friends.

And go see some crazy Christmas lights!!
Down in Ivanhoe (if you are in Melbourne) there is a street that plays host to those who have nothing better to do (or are on something and don't mind the crowds...). We've been a couple of times and after each time of almost loosing our minds to chaos, we vow never to visit again. Then we forget and think 'Hey, how about going to Ivanhoe?' It truly is an amazing site and you'll either love it and plan to do it to your own house next year, or you hate it and seek the calm of your own plain front door sensor light.

If the weather is good....
Hit the pavement and explore the streets in your own neighbourhood. There are bound to be some great sites to behold. (We've already done this and stumbled across some interesting yards! Go Balwyn North!!)

If the weather is so/so...
Jump in the car and drive around looking into front windows of houses for those beautiful flashing Christmas tree lights. Drive around the Yarra Bend Boulevard (Kew boathouse area) and stop at the city view bit to see what's going on over the city.

Have a brilliant Christmas tomorrow!
I wish you happiness, safety and the ability to laugh until your stomach hurts and tears of joy stream from your eyes, but not wet yourself or spray mulled wine out your nose!

Enjoy yourself and thanks for indulging me for the past month!
Monica @ bpab xx

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