Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Countdown to Christmas.... 22 more sleeps!

First thing to think about is COLOURS!
Yeah, you can have every colour possible on your tree and around the house, or....
stick to a colour theme.
Here are a few decorating colourways for you to ponder:

*traditional: green / red, gold / silver
(or mix of any of those colours... a no brainer I'm afraid)

*silver / purple / pink / aqua (we did this one year)

*sticking to cool colours: green / purple / blue
or warm colours: red / pink / orange

*fashion favourites: blues / brown (chocolate/ taupe)

*all brights (good for kids)

*all pastels (soft, easy on the eye)

*black / white , then add a highlight colour like red .

Tomorrow we'll check out some decorations!

Feeling crafty?
Crochet a tree or star bunting! So cute!!
Head over to The Royal Sisters for the tutorial.

What colours are you using this year?

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