Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Countdown to Christmas.... 21 more sleeps!

Decorating can be a headache..... or fun! Yay!
Involve the kids, house mates, friends, pets; anyone who will be around to experience the cheer with you. There's the tree, the front door, the table center piece.... you choose!

Again, you can go with a theme:
*only stars (there are heaps of different ones out there!)
*baubles only (or everything round)
*nativity (all things saintly)
There are more suggestions with in the next headings (take a peek).

If you are a crafty devil, here are some ideas for you:
*felt shapes
Bring back childhood memories with mad multicoloured ones or go festive with reds and greens or a pure snow-white one. (or use your colour theme..)
To refresh your memory on how to make one visit TECHknitting for an illustrated tutorial.
*Re-use cards:
Cut out any nice designs, stick another piece of card on the back along with a ribbon loop up the top and you have a homemade tree decoration. You could even add sequins or glitter for that extra bit of festive sparkle. (do this with pretty paper or fabric too.)
*Instead of Tinsel:
Hang colourful paper chains, popcorn and cranberry strings on your tree for a traditional touch, or lines of beads and buttons threaded on ribbon or string.

For those of you who would prefer to just get ready-made, yes even the best of us give grace to others handiwork too, here are some ideas for you:
*edibles: candy canes, wrapped chocolates (baci, ferrero, lindt balls, freddos)
*small toys: wooden toys (try Kaper Kidz!), matchbox cars, plastic animals, trinkets (can let kids pick from the tree)
*go to school fairs or markets and pick up some hand made decorations.

Finally, 2 novel ideas for everyone:
*let visitors pick something from your tree to keep, or to put on their tree
*get family / friends to bring over a decoration for the tree (we had a party one year and guests were asked to bring something to pop on the tree... lots of character there!)

Leave me your ideas and links below to tutorials, would love to see what you do too.

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