Saturday, December 12, 2009

Countdown to Christmas.... 11 more sleeps!

The idea "Kris Kringle" is also known as "Secret Santa" ...

* great for large/ extended families (usually for the grown ups, as they get older, they don't need or want anything anymore!), so it helps with the dilemma of what to buy for every single person you know, just because you are related.

* each person draws a name out of a "hat" , they buy a gift for that person only.
Set a dollar limit, so it's fair for everyone. That way you can buy a fantastic present for only one person and you'll get a fantastic present too! (hopefully...)

* you can also have a list of needs/wants attached to each name, so it helps the giver with gift ideas!

*** We tried to get this idea going this year with both sides of the family, but apparently you need to plant the seed much earlier than November.... say, the Christmas before!
Here's to next year!!

Oh yeah, unless there are dozens of little kids in the family.... don't include them in the Kris Kringle, that's just mean! hahaha

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