Friday, October 31, 2008

Shave for Wishes!

I have just launched a fund raising thingo!
I will be shaving all my locks off (to #1 all over) when we reach the $500 mark!
All for the sake of helping make some more wishes come true for seriously ill children.
All funds raised will be going to Make A Wish Australia.

If you would like to support me please visit this page:
beyond pink and blue's SHAVE for WISHES!
or perhaps you're sick of seeing someone with so many colours on her head that to have her shaved would be a huge headache cure.....
What ever your reasons, please share this news with everyone.
Thanks for your support!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to mention-
5% of every sale made at will be added to the donation meter too!
So you can shop and still donate! Hooray!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Monstar Kids wear!

This label keeps getting better with each parcel that lands on my door step!
How cool is this ol' Ute truck tee!!

The shorts this lad is wearing will be in store very soon!

Light weight denim pinni....... more of that crazy zig zag stitching!

We're already got the white tee with a green cherry on it.... now we've got the red cherry tee too! Seen here teamed up with pink gathered shorts. (good with all the denim stuff too)
LinkThis is so beautiful! I wish I had a pet birdy like this folk style one!!

Thanks to Fiona at Monstar Kids for the kid photos in this blog.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is..... what I'm surprised I like!

Well I was walking around the house this morning thinking what am I surprised I actually do like! What a weird thing to be meditating about on a Sunday morning!!
A few things came to mind immediately......
pumpkin! - I loathed it when I was younger and was made to eat at least one piece if it was on the menu - but now..... being vegetarian, I love it!
pink - never was a fan of this colour, but having little girls around has made it easy to embrace what pink represents and how being really girlie sometimes is fun!
early mornings - I've always been one who LOVES a sleep in. Since having kids, it's rather rare to get a sleep in (no matter what time you went to bed the night before!), and so instead of fighting it I now relish the mornings I get to sneak out of bed without waking the kids and enjoy the peace of just being me and doing odd tasks without being interrupted! Of course this could also be because I'm getting older and I've noticed that's what older people do...........
wood bugs (Slaters, butchy boys) - this is a weird one. I grew up detesting these little creatures that roll up in a ball when they get scared, as they were everywhere and like all insects and pests, seemed rather ugly when I was a young teenage girl. BUT lately they have re-surfaced at our place, in the back yard on the concrete and I have been teaching the girls to embrace all creatures (even the annoying or scary ones) and to observe them doing what they do and to leave them be (rather than killing them or crying for fear of being eaten by them!). So we have been looking at the wood bugs and some times try to get them to roll in a ball..... one of the girls calls them her friends. Yay!
Last one.....
berries! Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries..... never liked them very much at all. Especially hated the artificial strawberry milkshakes or ice cream. Yuck!!!! Until about 2 1/2 years ago.....
when I was pregnant with my last bub - I developed a taste for the berries and now love them!
(Still hate the artificial stuff.....) I like them fresh, will eat them just like that. I like them in cakes and desserts, in smoothies...... I find it rather odd really, that pregnancy can change your taste buds (maybe not that odd seeings it changes so much of you anyway!).

So to pay homage to something I was surprised I liked - here is a fantastic recipe that I tried the other day (with amazing results, as I've never tried making a pav. before in my life!)
Oh, and I added sliced strawberries on top as well...... enjoy!

Recipe taken from "Vegetarian Supercook" by the amazing Rose Elliot. (Truly a must have cook book for anyone who wants to experience food!)

'This is' theme from earl and cookie, nice one!
Three buttons will tell you all you need to know about playing 'this is'.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome to new brand: Papoose

I'm very excited about this range of FELT stuff! I mean who doesn't like felt right??
Colours of Australia actually design and make the products under the Papoose label. They use Fair Trade practices to give work and proper income to people over in Nepal.

Here are just a few Papoose items that have landed at bpab, with many more to come over the next year! (I'm in a purple mood today..........)
Purple happy flags bunting $36
3mt long, 3 other colour ways available.

Sweet hearts chain $23
40cm long, also flowers and birds available

Purple babushka dolls (set of 5) $64
3 other colour ways available...... too beautiful!

"Colours of Australia is proud to be involved with ethically made products that bring joy to those who own them. These are not throw-aways, but become family favourites. They are well made and will last for many years. We only use pure wool and pure cotton,
we recycle resources where possible and aim to have everyone involved benefit. Small companies can play a positive role in the cycle of makers, sellers and buyers and contribute to the well being of others and feel good." - Renske Carbone, designer of Papoose

Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to new brand: Kanoe

I wish I had known about this fantastic hammock when my last child was young enough to use it!! She sleeps on people, not in bed.... needs the constant contact and movement that people provide. Ahhh well! I think this will be a life saver for many out there that need some time out.

The Kanoe motion sensitive baby hammock is made from 100% certified organic cotton canvas (double thickness), which will cradle your baby like you do. It is suspended from the ceiling and has a spring which allows gentle movement in any direction, when baby stirs, thus rocking baby back to sleep or you can gently soothe your child by rocking it.

Comes in 4 colour ways and is a fair trade product!
I think an investment worth considering if you are looking for the alternative to cots.
Great for little ones up to 2 years old.

Have also got some FAQ for you to read. (just click on the pages for a larger version.)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Welcome to new brand: Ellaroo

I've done it! I have finally decided to stock slings and more baby carriers.......

Ellaroo has the most lovely designs and every sling is made from 100% certified organic cotton, dyed using non-toxic eco dyes, the padding in the Mai Tai is allergy-free fibre made from recycled PET and they're made in fair trade conditions, in India!

So my decision to stock them was rather easy!

Mei Tai Deluxe Sling
Can be worn on the front or back!
Reversible for plain colour and available in 6 different designs.

Ring Sling (in appliqued Malay)
Choices of plain colours, patterned, embroidered or appliqued designs.
Great for breast feeding and sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. How big a child can I carry in an Ellaroo baby carrier?
A. The weight limit has been suggested at 16kg, but you can carrier heavier children for shorter amounts of time. These carriers have been tested to 46kg with no signs of stress.

Q. What size carrier should I order?
A. The Mei Tai comes in one size and fit up to a 48" (122cm) waist size. The Ring Sling standard is a medium, which suits most people. Very petite people (less than 5'2" (158cm) and 46kg) may use a small. Larger parents (e.g. size 20 and above) may use a large. We can special order the small and large sizes for you.

Q. What kind of carrier is easiest for nursing?
A. The Ring Sling is easiest, as it allows the baby to be held in virtually any position and provides excellent coverage. The Mei Tai can work well or an older child with good head control, but doesn't provide as much coverage. Large-breasted women usually find the Ring Sling easier for feeding because it is generally quicker to get the baby in a low, reclined position.

Q. What kind of carrier is most versatile in terms of age of baby and carrying positions?
A. All Ellaroo carriers are suitable for babies from infancy to toddler hood. Ring Slings are more versatile in regards to carrying positions, as they allow the wearer to carry the baby on the front, hip or ever the back. The baby can recline, semi-recline or be completely upright, facing sideways, in towards the wearer or looking outwards. The Mei Tai is used for carrying the baby upright facing towards the wearer on the front or back and even on the hip.

Q. Can I wash my sling?
A. Yes. We suggest washing all Ellaroo baby carriers in cold water by hand or in the gentle cycle of the washing machine and hanging out to dry.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All you need for a bit of DIY

Lark have done it again!
Another gorgeous hand-knitted product made under fair trade conditions. How can you resist!
A denim tool kit bag with a strap that goes around the waist and secures with velcro, holds 3 knitted tools - hammer, screwdriver and saw. Each tool has a rattle encased within for some good old fashioned rattlin' fun! Lark knitted tool kit $39.95 for the set.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Having a party? Here's some great loot!

Party crackers! Noisy fun!! $4.00 each

Wooden pull back mice.... very nice! $2.50 each

Sealife stationary set (in a tube) Pencils, eraser, sharpener and pencil topper character.
$4.00 a set

DIY jewellery maker (in a tube) Wooden beads and elastic.... make a bracelet or necklace!
$2.50 a set

Clown music! Tambourine sticks $5.50 each and Hand bells $6.00 each
(great game prizes!)

Lots more party loot and Christmas sack fillers under $10.00........ no plastic in sight!
(And if you need lots of the same things, just let us know and we'll give you a special price.)
Happy partying!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monstar Kids: bringing a little spring

Round 2 of the Spring/Summer Monstar Kids range has finally been up-loaded onto the bpab store. Lots of green, blue and some pink..... very fresh and 'springy'.
The prints on the fabrics are great! I love the shorts and they wear rather well too. (La has strutted her stuff in them already, teamed up with the birdy tree tee..... a real treat!)
Shown here: tees- 'birdy tree', 'peacock' in cloud blue (also available in pink) with button detailing on the tail, 'cherry'. Gathered shorts (also available in a pink colourway) and Zig zag skirt (also available in pink colourway and classic blue denim.)

Mention 'Monstar spring' in the comments box at checkout when you purchase a Monstar Kids piece of clothing and I'll refund you $5.00! (Offer available over October 08 only, so be quick)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

This is.... my favourite kitchen tool

It's an onion chopper!
I've had this one for about 5 years now and it gets used almost everyday.
I hate chopping up onions, as they always make me cry and are a bit tedious.... so this little guy has saved me much grief in the kitchen!
As well as onions, I've used it to chop up garlic, nuts, vegies (great for kids meals!) and chocolate.
At one stage I was considering selling Choppers at bpab as they're so good to cut up vegies really quickly and in small pieces too! Maybe I still will, we'll see......

Anyway, this one is on it's way out and soon I'll have to buy the latest model! What a treat!

Thanks to Handmaiden for this weeks' theme.

Friday, October 3, 2008

October newsletter

G'day mates!
Welcome to bpab's spring looking newsletter.... (click on the picture to get a bigger view)

Every issue is emailed out to many people and not everyone can or wants to, see the pictures etc........ so here are the links and general info for what's featured in the newsletter this month:

Free Stuff Day - we've joined this great on-line community which is offering free products to everyone, everyday! (and they're real, proper things you'd want to normally buy, not samples etc.) I've blogged about it, so read that to find out more. Free to join.

Spring Cleaning SALE now on! (bits and pieces, last one left, Winter stuff)
We're preparing to move into our 'mini-shop' (Nov)!

Layby now for Christmas! (or for whenever really..... we're offering it from now on at checkout as another payment method.) Look at the INFO page at the shop for a how-to guide and terms.

New Brands:
Nature's Child (Byron Bay, NSW)- certified organic stuff for mums (breast pads) and bubs (hooded towel, muslin wrap).
Read more about this on the blog.
A Good Sort (Melbourne, Vic)- the brains behind the My Org. family organiser..... a must for every family!
Read more about this on the blog. (each blog link is different, in case you are wondering!)

New Products:
Monstar Kids Spring 08 is in! Lots of red, navy, cloud blue, mocha brown and pink... plus robots, owls, peacocks, zig zags and stripes. (More summer stuff coming in from now on.)
Under The Nile organic frog wash cloth. Play puppets in the bath!
Poppies For Grace has lots of new invitations, treat bags, writing sets and book plates to melt your heart! I've blogged about some of the new products here.

Enjoy the rest of your October and remember about Daylight Savings!

Changes to Legislation for DAY LIGHT SAVINGS
Now starts for: NSW, VIC, ACT, SA, TAS SUNDAY 5 October 2am - clocks forward 1 hour.
WA starts last Sunday in Oct.

Now offering LAYBY baby!

...well, we aren't really offering to layby a baby for you.... you kind of do that yourself (in the mummy's tummy), it's a good one, lasts for about 9 months.

At bpab, we have added the Layby option at checkout, in time for Christmas!
We will wrap, label and keep all your goodies until you want them sent (close to Christmas), so you don't need to do anything with them (like hide them!) and get on with all the other stuff you need to do.... or just sit back and relax.

"Lay-by is a good alternative to using credit.
There are no interest payments, the service is free and your goods are reserved while you pay them off."

We've listed a step-by-step how to and terms on the info page at the web-shop.
Here are the Terms:

* No minimum purchase

* deposit of 20% required to secure products for Layby
- payment choices: direct deposit into our bank account or Paypal invoice emailed to you

* regular payments made weekly or fortnightly
- after deposit has been made, you will be emailed according to your payment plan, when payments are due

* Layby life of 3 months
- if you have been making regular payments, we can look at extending it.

* you will loose your deposit (20%) if you cancel your Layby, same applies if you don't make payments after we have contacted you and have had no reply (yes, we will telephone you too!) . We will give you 14 days.

* there are no Layby fees (yay!!)

So there you have it.
Any questions, etc. let me know. Otherwise, get to it!

Free Stuff Day!

beyond pink and blue have joined the fun over at, where they are giving away free products everyday!
Basically, it's free to join up.
Once you are a member, you can browse the free products and short list the ones you like.
Each product on offer has a count down timer, so you can keep tabs on when it's up for grabs.
You place a bid on the product using your points.
Points can be earned easily enough - answering product questions, playing games, filling out your profile and through shopping with the businesses that are part of the Points For Purchase program (3 points are awarded for every $ spent.) bpab are one of these businesses, so if you already shop with us, then you can shop through the fsd website and get more points to put towards winning free stuff!

Last month was our first time offering a free prize and it was this one above ($25.00 voucher basically). We are offering the same again this month. Look out for our rainbow logo and short list this product, so you can have the chance to do some free shopping on us! Yay!!